Wellness has been the buzz-word for the past five years, with a drastic rise in individuals seeking life balance, mindfulness techniques, nutrition advice, organic foods, plant-based diets, BPA-free tableware and natural supplements.

And this shift of getting to know our bodies more is undeniably a good thing. We’re doing our own research and taking our health into our own hands. Whereas ‘wellness’ used to be something people sought after a health-scare, these days we are taking the mantra ‘prevention is the best medicine’ as literally as we possibly can.

In the past five years, I’ve undergone my own personal wellness transformation, after being unwell with persistent and debilitating stomach issues for almost a decade. I was fed up of my body (or more specifically, my digestive system) dictating how I lived my life. It was time for a change. And overnight, I started to listen to my body more. I gave up foods that it disliked. I treated it well. And it repaid me by feeling great.

But of course, there’s no definitive simple ‘fix’. Getting to know your body and taking control of your health is an ongoing process. In fact, the very definition of ‘wellness’ itself is ‘the state of being in good health, as an actively pursued goal.’

Often it is difficult however, to know where to start when it comes to individual health. Are there certain things to look out for? Warning signs? Common indicators that something is wrong? Change is easier when you have somewhere to start.

Which is why, for me, it was great to have a starting point – a test that flags some issues it would be beneficial to look out for, as a preventative measure. Last year, I took the Atlas Biomed DNA test – you can watch my reaction to the results here and was amazed by how much information the test offers.


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