The first contact with a brand can come via several different avenues.

Firstly a brand/company/agency may approach my management team at Gleam to enquire as to whether a campaign or idea matches with my image. My wonderful managers know exactly what campaigns or collaborations would be of interest to me and they also form relationships with brands I’ve worked with over the years to enable consistent, high quality and repeated collaborations.

Secondly brands may reach out to me over Instagram or a different platform in a more informal way to introduce themselves and to start a conversation regarding future relationships. This allows me to discover new brands and perhaps become a paying customer before working with them in the future. Social media is a huge influence on me in terms of inspiration for myself and now my home, so for a brand to reach out it often spurs me on to discover more about them and their story.

Thirdly brands may email me directly to enquire about working together. Sometimes this is as a first port of call and an introductory email and other times it’s hearing from a brand I already adore and have worked with previously. In either case it’s easy via email to decide if we can work together dependent on brand, timings and creative control. Three key factors for any collaboration.


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